Marriage Celebrant

Kamlesh Rana  CANZ

Independent Marriage Celebrant
Phone: 0275267262

Marriage Celebrant

I am appointed as a Marriage Celebrants have authority to perform the duties of a marriage celebrant under Marriage Act 1955 and the Births, Deaths and Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995

 As per the  New Zealand law for valid marriage needs to be performed by only those persons appointed by the Registrar-General as Marriage Celebrants and whose names appear in the List of Marriage Celebrants in the New Zealand Gazette or have the authority to solemnise marriages in New Zealand. That can be find out by clicking the following link:

 I serve my clients and:

 ·         Public at large 
 ·         Provide confidential and professional service to meet your needs.

Specifically I have agreed:

  • To accept as a duty the maintenance of truth, accuracy, dignity and integrity
  • To maintain in all matters the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct.
  • To obey the law in relation to the duties they perform
  • To respect in all circumstances the confidentiality and trust placed in them by reason of the role
  • To preserve within the bounds of dignity, practicality, the right of personal choice and decision making for the clients they serve, having due regard for their ethnic origin, philosophical and spiritual beliefs.
  • To provide accurate information concerning the service they provide, the cost of the same and the functions and responsibilities accepted on behalf of their clients.

I am available to perform your very special ceremony on any day of the week. I am flexible as to where the ceremony is held. This follows my philosophy that “It’s your day and it’s your way".

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