Best lawyer all over the New Zealand. Highly recommended.. He help me at my worst time. I was unlawful and I don’t know what to do next.
After wasting my 3 years with top lawyers of Auckland but for me they all was just useless. He has sorted my file and within 2 months, I got my resident visa approved.
Big thanks to Kamlesh sir. He gave me another life in New Zealand.

 - Simardeep Kaur Dhaliwal


Kam Rana is a real, honest, caring, diligent, relentless, and passionate lawyer. From the moment my family retained his to the moment he won my case, he has been there. He puts in the work and this is something you can’t fake. In a world where shady immigration lawyers is almost the norm, it’s such a relief to have met Kam. I want to thank you Kam, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my entire family for being you. Really just an exceptional representation and defence with my case! God bless!

 - Juliane Paula Trevisol


I especially appreciate and thank you for the great work done by Mr Kam Rana of Kams Consulting Services Limited. I have been waiting for my residency permit under partnership for 20 months, without Mr Rana’s help, I could not imagine how long I would have to wait for and what the decision would be. Due to Mr Rana’s great reputation and the fact that he is a Justice of the Peace and also a registered-marriage celebrant, my application was done within one week. Mr Rana is experienced, professional and confident in dealing with New Zealand Immigration. I would highly recommend Mr Rana to you, with Kams Consulting Services Limited, you won’t be disappointed!



Kam's Consulting Services Limited
I confirm that I have been a client of Kam's Consulting in the year 2010, during which time they have provided me and my family with excellent support in our residence submission successfully.
I can confidently recommend Kam's Consulting as a solid and reliable consultancy and experts in the field of immigration matters, be it any situation.

 - Sophia


I wish to thank Kam's Consulting Services on advising me on my Immigration application. The hard work,determination,dedication and the professional advice that was put in achieving the success of my application is truly commendable.

Kamlesh Rana is totally dedicated to providing the very best service and advice and goes well beyond the expected service of an Immigration Advisor. His knowledge , experience and acumen is sound and his manner congenial and most helpful. His main concern is to retain the loyalty of his customers by providing them with an excellent support service which is properly tailored to their needs.

I have and will continue to have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of this excellent company.

Wishing you all the best and keep up the good work.

 - Milan


We wish to highly recommend Kamlesh Rana’s immigration service to those who are looking for the services of a professional in this field.

We can attest that Kamlesh is a very competent Immigration consultant, who can, apart from other professional services he offers, give the very best service available for the various immigration applications and requests, and that he directs such applications through the immigration department, with clear insight of years working as Immigration Advisor.

We attest this recommendation based on the excellent service we received from Kamlesh, when he entrusted our application request to him, after I might note, a larger immigration consultancy firm did not reply to our request for some time, which made us reluctant to use them if this was the sort of service they showed. Kamlesh advised us clearly and processed our application, & was then also required to do a lot more work than necessary and he has been very competent to complete the application, and we were thrilled to get a satisfactory result.

 - Bill & Elsie


I was really worried and sad as my work visa declined twice. Then through a friends help I contacted Mr Kamlesh Rana. On the day when I gave my case to Mr Rana I was told that it’s a really tough case. As a result, within a week time my work visa was successfully processed and now that I have got my work visa I am really happy as my success has given me a way in which I can recommend you to my other friends as well.


There is so many ways of getting success and if success comes to you consider yourself being lucky and that I am today!!

Thank you very much really appreciate your help and support. 

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! ! !...........


 - Amrita! ! !


NZ Citizenship

A big thank you to Kam’s Consulting Services Ltd for doing an excellent job on my case. Along with God’s Grace, it was the hard work, dedication and prompt service from Mr. Rana that landed us success. This case in particular was not a straight forward one and with disappointing past experience I was a little hesitant and apprehensive. But Mr. Rana’s right approach and professional mannerism towards the case achieved positive results! 

It’s important to stay positive and have faith. 

Sincere thanks,

 - L. A. 


I am very thankful for your services that you provided me during my 10 months stay in New Zealand. During my visit to Auckland I had met not less than 15 immigration advisors in Auckland but I felt that you were most organised. As when I contracted you for immigration advice I felt that I had not made mistake in appointing you as my advisor. You have worked systematically and honestly and very satisfying for us clients. What more can a client want when he gets highly professional service that you provided me and have seen and known about you. Me and my family really appreciate your service and will always come to you whenever we seek any advice in New Zealand and will also recommend you to people who wants any advise regarding migration to New Zealand....thank you very much.

Warm Regards,

 - Manojkumar Davda (Chef + Tour Manager International Travel, THOMAS COOK INDIA)


Dear Mr. Rana,

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and commitment shown in my visa application.

I found Kam’s consulting services as a very professional and committed company and Mr. Rana

is a versatile and endowed worker who takes his profession seriously which helps him achieve

his goals and positive results.

 - Amitesh

I did my work permit and later my residence permit with Kam’s Consulting Services and in both cases I had been successful. What I like about Mr: Kamlesh is his ability to get things done on a timely basis. They organise and present each case professionally where we save time on unneccessary running around. He has been very very co-operative and guided me all the way in achieving my goals. I wouldn't hesitate recommending their services to anyone as their work, level of presentation and suggestions are excellent. On a personnal level Mr: Kamlesh Rana is a man of principal and I vouch about his workmanship in this field.''

“Kam is the Man”


 - Rajesh & Hardip. 

It was very hard to become out of that situation which I had, I would like to thanks a lot to Mr Kamlesh Rana who treat me and advise me as a family member and the service he provided to me is highly appreciated,I got wonderful result, finally I got visa due to Mr Rana's effort. I went to other adviser, and I had hope only Rana sir can do this and he became my trust into realty.

- Dhaliwal


I came to NZ from Fiji recently as a visitor and was very fortunate to get a good job here. Now the next thing was getting a work visa and a friend of mine recommended Kam’s Consulting Service to me. I must say that I didn’t regret engaging the services of Mr Kamlesh Rana JP as I was able to obtain my work visa in 21 days from the day of lodgement. Not only that I was also able to get my wife and kids to NZ within the next 21 days.

His personal approach, involvement and the correct advice made it all possible.

Thank you Mr Rana and Kam’s Consulting Services- for A JOB WELL DONE.

 - Vishal Achari



Residence permit subject to requirements under section 18A of the Immigration Act 1987 + RRV with an expiry date.

Kamlesh Rana made New Zealand our home. We were at the merge of returning to Fiji when Kamlesh Rana became a Guiding Angel in our life.  Kam’s Consulting service gave us hope and with confidence assured us that the case would be solved in two weeks’ time. He is indeed very optimistic, friendly, trustworthy, reliable, and efficient and provides fast service. Kamlesh Rana followed up my case by constant calls and even worked out of official hours to help us meet with him to suit our work schedules.

Kamlesh Rana is a very confident as well as a very good listener and he has a unique individualistic approach to look into the case logically explaining the consequences of the outcome. Kamlesh Rana always gives priority to his client by working late nights without letting client aware his own difficulties, about the sad tragic loss of his dear father. He maintained the case with confidentiality, treating it of high importance. Even being out of the country, he kept in touch through mails giving assurance.

There was hardly much evidence and we were almost one year overstay. My previous consultant did not advise us of legal clauses. Kamlesh Rana went out of his way gathering all the required information and relevant documents while other consultants said that it was impossible.  Kamlesh Rana made impossible to “I Am Possible”. Kamlesh Rana knows his job thoroughly

We very much appreciated Kamlesh Rana’s job well done within a week and brought the smile back to my family. Kam’s Consulting service makes the dream come true. We heartily thank Kam’s Consulting services and wish him all the best in future endeavors.

 - KK Chand

Efficient, Friendly and Professional

I came to Mr kamlesh Rana very depressed and worried about by immigration problems as I had become unlawful in the country

which had made my case really complicated but Mr Rana assured me that he will do everything in his power to put my back to my legal status which he successfully did.

The service provided by Mr Kamlesh Rana was excellent from start to finish. Throughout the process, I was well-informed and supported.

Mr Rana was very prompt when came answering questions or clearing any doubts. I would have no hesitation in recommending this first class service to anyone considering immigration advice.

Thank you Mr Rana for providing such an efficient, friendly and professional service and helping me get my legal status back in this country.

 - Rahul Rayneel Prasad

With months of wait and anticipation finally we got our residence visa on 22 January 2013. This achievement changed mine and my daughter’s life forever. Through all the hassle of getting the residence visa there was one person to always help me and have me hope that my visa will be granted, that person was Kamlesh Rana. The joy of getting my New Zealand residence would not have been possible without you. The one man who made the process easier for me and my daughter.

 New Zealand residence makes life so much easier in New Zealand. Knowing that the dream of making something of my daughter and succeeding is easier to accomplish in New Zealand than Fiji Islands, I felt on the ninth cloud knowing that my dream will come true as I knew I got my residence visa. You surely gave a huge hand in making this dream come true. Despite there being some complication, you help us pull through it. Many thanks and appreciation to you for the great job you did and helped us gain the New Zealand residence visa.


 - Dev

 After I married in India, I was bombarded with visa information and what I should do. I consulted three agents here in NZ and India. Kam Rana who was referred to me by a friend. Kam was honest and committed to my wife's visa application. He listened to my background with my wife, took note and then finally told me the process.

What separates him from the rest is that he understood my time constraint and he worked overtime to get my wife's application filled and ready to send to India. He worked with my constraints instead of against. He also listened to my concerns and provided full answers.

My wife got her visa within 5weeks! We are going to stick with Kam.

Thank you

 - S and K Patel

Mr Kam Rana is an experience, reliable, confidential advisor for any immigration problem I go to Mr. Kam Rana he helped and I like most his fast service. I have recommended him to my friends. we very much appreciated Kam Rana job well done within a week. Kam’s Consulting service makes the dream come true. We heartily thank Kam’s Consulting services and wish him all the best in future endeavors. Thanks u very much sir.just give them a chance then see a magic he ll do. highly recommended.


 - Varun

I have been Kamlesh Rana's client for last couple of years.He has sucessfully helped me obtain my 2 year work permit and then my NZ Residency.

One thing I like about Mr Rana is that  he is very organised and patient.Also he is very personable and makes sure he gives his clients time and best  assistance.

These things matter a lot for a client and that's one reason I approached Mr Rana for helping me with my Residency application as well after he had helped me with

my two year work permit earlier.I will recommend Kam consulting services without hesitation to everyone .Thanks a lot Mr Rana for your help and guidance which

has now opened career opportunities for me in NZ .

Best Regards

- Bakul

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all the time you spend with me when I really needed your help and support. I was extremely confused and stress and can’t find the way to sort out my case, in my difficult situation Kamlesh you took my case and lifted my sprit up and told me that I will get my work visa sorted. You guided me step by step and always told me straight forward answer not like others making any kind of story. All the calls I made were answered and kept me updated by phone and by emails. You have gone out of your way to assist me and were always available when needed. Kamlesh you took care of everything with professionalism and enthusiasm that immediately gave me peace of mind and confidence.  Today I got my positive result; no matter how much I thank you it won’t be enough because I know my case was really tough.  Kamlesh you always belief in miracles and that for every problem, there is a solution.  Anyone who uses your services is going to get best possible result out of you in my personal experience. 

No words are enough for your help, moral support and technical knowledge of immigration.  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.  Thank you Kamlesh for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.

I will always contact you in future also for visa matters...... GOD BLESS YOU.


 - Monika

To Whom It May Concern

I am very thankful and appreciative to Kamlesh Rana from Kam’s Consulting Service Ltd who has assisted me with my work visa application. I have tried to apply myself but the Immigration Service has returned my incomplete application. Then I came to Mr Rana who has professionally assisted me and explained me step by step the process. 

I am very happy that I got two years’ work visa and I am also request him to assist me with my residence visa in the near future. I will recommend him to other people who may require Immigration advice as he is very professional and he goes extra miles to provide good service.

 - Ralvin

After being in New Zealand for 4 years under various work visas I applied for a resident visa without any immigration advice. It turned out that my situation was a bit more complex than I had anticipated and potentially harmful to my further stay in the country. As the matters were really urgent and I did not know the right steps to take, Kamlesh Rana was recommended to me through a common work relationship.

From the moment I spoke to him on the phone, I felt things would get better as I could sense he was knowledgeable and reassuring.

He took my case very seriously and worked on it through the night after our first meeting which was on a Sunday. I cannot praise enough how professional and positive his attitude was. He devoted himself to his work as an immigration adviser beyond what I expected and it was no surprise that I obtained my resident visa only a week after I had first met with him.

Thanks again Kamlesh Rana for providing outstanding and personal service.

 - Silvio


Myself  Nirajkumar. I came to NewZealand in Jan 2009. After finishing my business study I got a full time job with private security company. I heard about Kam's consulting service ltd from one of my friend. I got very first appointment on Aug 2010. I discussed my case with Kamlesh sir. I was very impressed with his advice. I got my work permit approval in just 36 hours. He is very accurate in his paperwork. He always liked clean and tidy work. 

Very important point about Kamlesh sir is his dedication towards his client. Sometimes I got appointment at 8 pm in the evening. He has never said no to me. Every time he was available for a help or advice. So it’s really a important factor for a person like me who finish his work late in the evening. I just got residency last week. I am really thankful to Kamlesh sir for giving me perfect advice from last 4 years.

I strongly recommend Kam's consulting service Ltd to every friend of mine. 

Once again thank you very much sir.

Best client service

Best advice

Reasonable fees

Best Results


 - Nirajkumar 


Hi Kam,

We would like to thank you for all your help in getting our residence visa.  It was a long and hard battle but we came through it with your expertise and knowledge of NZ immigration laws. At one of the most important times of our lives we felt strong to have you stand with us and for us. At all times you kept us informed of what was going on and reassured both of us when we needed it the most. There really is no price in the world that can match that and for this we thank you sincerely from our hearts and will never forget what you did for us. Once again, thank you, we will certainly recommend your services to future immigrants to New Zealand.

Best Regards

 - Joti & Sachin

Kam's Consulting Services are very reliable, professional and committed immigration consultants in Auckland. Mr Rana works very accurately to get your visa done successfully. He also has all the facilities and services in his office so you don't have to run around anywhere else. He is very helpful, kind and knows how to get things done on time. We really appreciate all the hard work he did for us to get my visa. Thanking you for all your support and wish that you continue to provide your services. We compliment you for your professionalism and hard work.

 - Nilesh & Arishma

We are very lucky to have assigned our case to Mr Rana. He worked efficiently and did not waste any of our time. he kept us well informed and updated us regularly about our application. We felt that it was worth paying him for the work he did. We are so pleased with his work and would like to recommend others to use his services, Thank you Mr Rana. Keep up your good work.

- Shahil


Iam very grateful for the outstanding service i got from Kamlesh Rana.

He did such an amazing job in my permanent residence visa.  My visa was granted without any hesitation, all credit goes to Kamlesh Rana, took his time and effort to complete the application form.

Kamlesh always kept me updated about the status of my application via email, responded to my email/call without taking to much time.

I sincerely thank Kamlesh Rana for all the help provided to me in my permanent residence visa.

Will defently recommend Kamlesh to my friends and family, because he is the best.

 - JAS

I Navpreet singh and my wife Jaspreet kaur went to Kamlesh Rana sir for our visa application. He was very warm and we loved our first experience with him. He is very experienced and guides you through whole process, he explains everything in detail and makes it easy to understand about the procedures of residency applications and other work. We were very happy with our first experience with Rana sir, so we decided to go to him for our residency application. He really helped us in whole process and it was easy for us to understand the procedure of immigration needs and questioning . Thus we just followed his instructions and sent all the documents. We got residency in October  and we are more than happy with our experience. we would visit Kamlesh Rana sir for any work in future . We recommend everyone to go to Kam’s services for visa or residency applications. you won't be disappointed.

 - Navpreet Singh & Jaspreet Kaur

Dear Rana
Re: Acknowledgement

Thanks a lot for all the help and support that you had provided me during the process of my work visa application to INZ. It was a pleasure doing business with you and also really appreciate your effort in providing me with a 3 years work visa. Look forward for more business with you. Once again thanks for all the help.

Kind regards
 - Shalvin Prakash 


Hello dear sir

This is for KAM'S CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED. When I decided to apply for my resident visa I wanted to find right Immigration consultant to get real help. I got my resident visa without going through any stress because of your professional guidance. I want to say you thank you from the deepest core of my heart for all the efforts you put for my resident visa. Giving me an opportunity to live in this wonderful country, I salute you. Really appreciate your guidance and support throughout the visa process. I would recommend KAM'S CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED to all those who need immigration services. God showers you more happiness as you give to others happiness.

Once again Thanks a lot.

Kind regards 

 - Raminderjeet Singh

We are speechless about Mr.K.Rana's professionalism. Our work with Kam's Consulting Services achieved what we needed with our visas. What we appreciated most about Mr.K.Rana's Consulting Services was his ability to cut through the predictable issues, keeping us informed at all times and delivering the expected results. Mr. K.Rana is very perceptive to listen and support individual needs at all levels.
We highly recommend his immigration services.
God bless us all.

 - Marcia and Leandro.

Good day fellas!

I'm Gina Mara an aborigines from the Philippines and wanted to venture into the beautiful country of New Zealand together with my son but like we all know processing visa application is indeed a lengthy, tricky, and time consuming course. We thought it might be easier on our way the fact that my husband is already a resident in NZ but unfortunately we had a hard time processing our visa ourselves. Hence, with a help of a professional, friendly, accommodating immigration law specialist our journey towards the Land of the Long white cloud came into reality.

Whilst in the Philippines communicating with him isn't a problem because after few hours I'll be able to get informative replies despite our time difference. NZ is 5hrs ahead from the Philippines.

Thus, our immigration law specialist sent me necessary e-docs, explained well the things to do, very detailed in every answers, and even gave us optimism while our visa was lodged. Whenever I wanted to clarify something he was ready to enlighten me and indeed straight forward on his cues, and never gave false hopes. He never left us when where in deep need of HELP. In just more than a month of waiting in the Philippines, luckily our visa was approved THANKS to this golden guy who helped us.

When I met him in person at Manukau, Auckland I can sense how witty, warm, and down to earth he is. He treats us fairly, discusses things that we should always remember and consider.

This man process it all extended his time, showed professionalism and integrity in his work. Not a wonder he's a blessed guy. He treated us, his clients not just as somebody but like a friend. He has a light and positive aura. Indeed a good man. Working with him as his client was not a problem but more of a blessing. He's just a call or an email away which is very timely in our course nowadays. We're indeed THANKFUL and BLESSED to have him as our immigration law specialist because of his guidance, help, and faith me and my son is already holding our resident visa.

A MILLION THANKS to you Kamlesh Rana JP.



To Kam’s consulting services

We want to express our thanks and gratitude for your timely advise and cooperation in making our migration successful. Thank you so much Mr Kam Rana, from Kam consulting services for your biggest support and help towards me and my family, we are happy to recommend you to my family and friends for the best immigration advisor in Auckland. Without you we are nowhere, you bring us up from the soil to the roof for me and my family to become residents in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for your efforts . May our almighty god and his showers and blessings upon you forever, keep your hard work.


 - Sangita & Family

12th March 2018
Dear Mr Rana
I hereby like to compliment Kam’s Consulting Services for the friendly
Service and advise during my difficult times. Mr Rana helped me sort out
Issues while I was struggling.
Thank you Mr Rana for your support and service which is above and beyond
Ones expectations with positive results.
God bless.
Kind regards
 - Areefa Ali